Monday, July 29, 2019

Human Resource Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 7

Human Resource Management - Essay Example Organisational culture can affect the organisation either in a negative or a positive way depending on what kind of culture it develops. Positive culture not only saves the organisation from too many issues such as legal suits, it also helps in developing the organisational talent. In an organisation where there is positive organizational culture, there are efficiencies and effectiveness which are achieved by the organization in terms of the way it manages its talent. Organisations with a positive culture are also likely to be able to serve its customers in a better way and this will help the organization to be more successful. To sum it all, the reason why organisation culture affects the organisation so much is because it affects the most useful asset of an organisation, that is, the human resource. The strategic management process is a process which is geared towards giving the organisation a strategic edge against its competitors (Grà ¼nig & Kà ¼hn, 2010). This process starts by identifying the strategic goals which the organization intends to achieve. Once the organisation identifies the strategies it wants to achieve, it then narrows this down to the individual objectives (goals). These individual goals however require some resources in order to be achieved and in this case the organization must take a audit of its resource capabilities to determine which resources it has and which it lacks. At this point, the organisation refines is objectives to cater for any resource gap which may appear. After that, the plan is executed and the final results are seen. The final results are analyzed to see if that helped the organisation and the process is then repeated over and over. This helps the organization to continually become better and to gain strategic edge in the end. Both i nternal and external factors affect the process since they affect the environment and the resources available for the process. Sexual harassment issues are

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